#1 question

Stephen Roth |

The #1 question that I get meeting prospects and getting to know their basic financial picture..

is how do we stack up?  sounds like a normal response?   Unfortunately, its mean in relation to other people.. or in terms % 's vs SP index or my co-worker....

1st stop comparing yourself since we have all seen data on how behind America is saving for retirement.

the 2nd  Life is not about  going through motions. Life is a gift. No one asked to be born.   Once we realize we can learn a skill or to gain knowledge and become useful in making a positive impact in the world toward a greater good than ourself is powerful.   We dont compete against others thats not what winning is to my clients.  I help my clients focus inwards to what is important in their life and lifestyle needs.  Prioritze whats precious in your life and financial well being not someone elses.  People come to me because they want to learn how to do things differnently, they are tired of they way they feel and want transformational change. 

Take the first step to feeling better about financial uncertainty.  Connect the dots financially for yourself!