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Define the relationship between money and your wealth.

Despite all of the advances in technology and tools for for simplifying your life, you remain busy and are looking for new ways to simplify. Making sure your familys needs are provided, and because of this you work hard to make a lot of money.

With more earned income comes more ways to spend your money. Taxes, car payments, house payments, health insurance, extracurriculars, vacations, birthdays, and much more. In order to keep up to date on all your bills, investments, and income you require a system to ensure you are saving for any unexpected issues, college, special events, and life experiences.

But how do you keep it all flowing in the same direction? How do you ensure the money is going where it needs to and your planning is considering not just the coming months, but years down the road.

As a professional your skills are in high demand and changes happen frequently and suddenly. New job offers come in, investment opportunities are presented and the stress around keeping it all straight builds through each change.

Our clients come to us looking to not only get to know their relationship with money, but to build it to a place of confidence and comfort. As the decision maker in their family, the weight of financial responsibilities take energy, commitment, and most importantly time.

Let us help you take back your time and energy around your finances through strategic planning, improving your relationship with your wealth, and gaining a clear understanding of your options. We will help to clear the path you choose to financial freedom and confidence in your decision making.

Transformational change requires a transformational approach. 

Transactional methods for thinking don't lead to good decisions or positive results for long periods of time.  Thinking transactionally is associated with impulsive behavior and erratic thinking and  often lead to undesirable outcomes.

Positive outcomes occur through acting with intention and committing to very clear and understandable goals. When we work with clients we start by building trust through honest conversations, a clear understanding of their situation and what is important to them. We build on their goals and what inspires them to create the security and understanding of their financial life needed to destress and promote the overall well-being of them and their family.

As a father, husband, coach & business owner, I understand that tough choices have to be made for progress to be made.  Meaningful change takes time. Times of uncertainty and adversity will always exist. Building a plan of action and creating a clear understanding of options are what will create resilience and lead to a brighter future.

I provide  clients my cell phone number so they can reach me direclty with any questions or concerns. We connect quarterly to deep dive into any new expenses, investments, revenue streams and life changes that need to be considered in their financial planning.  We connect annually to review financial goals, investment returns and cash flow analysis to ensure we are getting closer to their goals and ensure cash flow needs.

See our process:

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“It is not the strongest of the species that will survive, not the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

— The Living Clocks, by Ritchie R. Ward (1971)

The Wealth Management Formula

A lot of Financial Advisors use the term wealth management but are primarily focused on investments.  We cater to people balancing multiple objectives in addition to investment advisory services. 

Our clients live busy lives, have successful careers, raised or are still raising children, and believe strongly in providing the best education for them.  Some are providing for aging parents or acting as a caregiver for other family members. Some may have college tuitions or constant travel expenses to consider. Other may have lost investments or had life changes affect their income.

Given the complexity of their lives, create a better relationship with their wealth and are looking for a way to destress from the day-to-day burden of managing their finances. They are looking to feel different and for help changing the way they have been doing things. We've adopted a simple formula below to limit stress and create confidence in their financial life.


       Investment Consulting

  • Portfolio management
  • QrtlyTracking and monitoring
  • Due diligence
  • Risk evaluation
  • Performance analysis vs Benchmark
  • Goal setting and progress tracking


 Advanced Planning

  • Cash flow projections & analysis
  • Tax planning & projection to prepare better
  • Wealth protection lawsuits divorce liability cybersecurity
  • Charitable giving
  • Estate planning
  • Beneficiary designations 


Relationship Management

  • Collaborate with your other professionals, including legal team, tax consultants, & insurance investment professionals
  • Make sure stuff gets done that needs to 
  • Create a plan for delegating & building a support team

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If you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, are unsure of what may be preventing you from reaching your financial goals, and are ready to change, let’s talk.

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