What Can History Teach Us About Money

Stephen Roth |

Those who know me know I have a fascination with Ancient Egypt, hence the name of my business and logo.

But did you know that ancient Egypt has a lot to teach us about finance? The Egyptians were masters of finance and trade, with a sophisticated system of taxation, accounting, and banking. They used gold and silver to facilitate trade, created early forms of insurance to protect against losses, and even had a system of debt forgiveness. The Egyptians also recognized the importance of savings and investment. They had a system of grain storage to ensure a stable food supply and built massive public works projects that provided employment and boosted the economy.

By studying their financial practices, we can gain insight into the timeless principles of sound financial management. So the next time you're managing your finances, take a cue from the ancient Egyptians and remember the importance of planning, saving, and investing for the long term. Reach out on our website to learn more about how Limestone Financial Group can help you achieve your financial goals.