Working with Stephen

Stephen Roth |

What's it like working with Stephen?

You would be working with someone who believes life is a gift and we search for meaning in our life and purpose for something greater than ourself.

You would be working with a person that values accountability and trust a great deal, commiting to clear goals leads to clear results.

You would be working someone who understands our human tendency to use defensive reasoning or avoid confronting emotional or painful issues and that for those that do the payoff is great.

You would have a working updated plan document which we revisit together in times like these to remove uncertainty or to see if changes are needed.

You would know what potential impact if any the stock market or a recession would have on cash flow or future values.

Steve experiences life together together with his clients for 20 plus years now. #clientsforlife 

 Have you current plan "stress tested", revisit your assumptions if you are concerned about recent events.  Connect the dots financially between your wealth and well being.  That is growth defined.