Consultant Magazine: What Approaches Are Used to Benchmark Client Performance Against Competitors?

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What Approaches Are Used to Benchmark Client Performance Against Competitors?

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What Approaches Are Used to Benchmark Client Performance Against Competitors?

In the quest for a competitive edge, we've gathered insights from Founders and CEOs on benchmarking client performance against industry rivals. From analyzing client KPIs against competitors to delving into customer feedback analysis in property services, explore the diverse approaches in these twelve expert contributions.

  • Analyze Client KPIs Against Competitors
  • Benchmark Non-Profit Fundraising Efficiency
  • Strategic Data Analysis for Competition
  • Benchmarking in Non-Profit Sales Process
  • Personalized Market Analysis for Insurance
  • Comprehensive Data Framework in CTRM/ETRM
  • Establish Regional Baseline for Performance
  • Customer Satisfaction and Marketing ROI Analysis
  • Track Wealth Management Account Performance
  • Quarterly Competitor Analysis Using Ahrefs
  • Legal Position Benchmarking in Industry
  • Customer Feedback Analysis in Property Services

Track Wealth Management Account Performance

With over 20 years of experience in private wealth management, investment advisory services, and financial planning, I have not spent much time doing digital content and marketing, as I've been working with real humans, not creating content. Now, I realize that the interactions and experiences I have had over the years are my greatest resource for creating the inbound marketing channels you need in the digital age. I write this myself, and there are more stories and insights to share; here goes: It's crucial to always track account performance over time against a suitable benchmark.

This approach is essential for determining the effectiveness of our strategies and providing actionable insights for our clients. Benchmarking client portfolio performance with a suitable risk-reward profile allows us to evaluate the success of the investment strategies and identify areas for improvement. If a change in the sub-advisor or fund manager is warranted, that becomes evident over time through performance monitoring. By comparing their performance to relevant market indices or industry-specific benchmarks, I provide my clients with valuable insights that guide their financial decisions. This is part of the consultative approach I take to wealth management and the never-ending path toward optimization. This provides a more accurate comparison and way to measure progress toward goals, instead of asking, 'Are we okay?' and 'How do we stack up?'


Stephen Roth
Stephen Roth
Founder Principal, Limestone Financial Group

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